Glistening Wave

PrizeOfficial Selection in Decorate (interior)
CompanyYunding Interior Design Co., Ltd
ArtistJacky Chang

The designer exploits the simple and natural elements to bring about the multi-functional transparent space full of elegant style. A glamorous residence of concise texture is born of stylish and serene atmosphere.Leverage the steady and balmy wooden texture, which slightly partitions the domains, furthermore, creates the charming touch of composite elements of the neat modern space. And then, take the advantages of the metallic furnishings of sheeny details, that light up the surrounding features, the harmonious fashion materials and the various tones generate charming visual perception.

Via the solid constructing foundation, we excellently practice the successive creative energy of interior design.YU DESIGN values the team spirit, moreover, adheres to rigorous construction works that pays attention to details.Thoroughly understand and evaluate the environmental characteristics, thereupon, perfectly manifest the harmonious aesthetics and well-function furnishing configuration of pluralistic sites.Abiding by the principle, ingeniously achieve the property owners' wishes of the appealing daily life. Bring about abundant humanistic implication and aesthetics of every corner.