Two worlds

PrizeOfficial Selection in Shoot (photo/video)
Companytakeo hirose
Artisttakeo hirose

In 2020 we have experienced COVID-19, and our world drastically changed until then. The change is so great that it makes me feel as if the world without COVID-19 and the world now are existed in parallel. These works express the image that the two worlds of color and monotone, negative and positive exist seamlessly, even in the pure and innocent real field of bamboo forest . The images of the virus are also hidden in the some works.

Takeo Hirose was born in Kyoto, 1962 and presently lives in Chiba, Japan. He started studying photography in earnest in 2011 when Japan suffered from the huge earthquake disaster. Through the earthquake he understood that the beautiful sceneries are not eternal but actually very fragile, and noticed the importance of taking photos of the Japanese beauty. His production concept is to express the world of traditional Japanese paintings and ink paintings with modern Japanese sensibility and the photo technology.