MOBA Drinks Trolley

CompanyENNE Interior
ArtistRonnie Chan
Design TeamEnoch Kwan
ClientDream Ticket Workshop Limited
CreditEliud Kwan
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MOBA was inspired by the idea of mobility beverage bar unit for every drinking lovers. The design is characterized by a smooth and neat profile, enhancing the shapes of the object without exasperating them and using a simple aesthetic language. MOBA is a trolley that served as a multifunctional station for bar serving, mixing and liquor storage. Moreover, it can turn into a casual seating for liquor tasting. Every details of this particular trolley, round edges, interior compartment, wheels, leather handle is a result of a skillful craftsmanship and has been designed to make it recognizable.

ENNE, A brand name reflects the founder’s Ronnie Chan and Enoch Kwan design philosophy – Commitment of enhancement, Enjoyable of interior space and Tailor-made the individual lifestyle combined with a human-centred design mindset. Nowadays, the user's perception of the interior design is exceeding the fulfilment of traditional fit-out works. Followed blindly of achieving luxurious and high-end interior design ambience were being out of fashion. ENNE concentrated the human-centred design to customized interior space for individual needs is being a new era for the interior living environment.