ShuiFa Info Town Property Exhibition Centre

PrizeOfficial Selection in Build (architecture)
ArtistLarry Wen
Design TeamGen Li, Shixin Gao, Jiarui Li, Suqing Yan,Liuqing Liu, Ye Wang, Dan Zhu, Jing Du
ClientShandong Shuifa Jianrong construction and Development Co., Ltd
CreditShuiFa Info Town Property Exhibition Centre
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The project is located in the Changqing Economic Development Zone of Jinan. The area has not yet been developed on a large scale. The surrounding environment is a messy mix of high-voltage line towers dotting weed strewn farmland. In order to give visitors the best viewing experience, the designer has isolated the area from the surrounding environment and has created a relatively enclosed space.A second layer is set outside the main structure - perforated plating, so that the building is enveloped within the perforated plating, forming a relatively enclosed space.