Life is like a boat

PrizeOfficial Selection in Decorate (interior)
CompanyZtwlab Limited
ArtistZac Wong
ClientMr & Mrs Chu

Life is like a boat. It is easy to run aground if we carry too much pressure of work or life. ‘’Release pressure for all that doesn’t really matter and living leisurely, we only live once’’.In order to echo the coastal view and release the pressure of life, "Coastal life style" is the main concept.

ZTW LAB is an innovative, diverse and professional interior design team. Founded by Zac and Tim.The Full of passion design team was responsible for multiple professional interior design areas. Finished design projects were including hospitality, large spa centers, office, and high-end residential projects. High-end and innovative design techniques with an unique style for each project. Large-scale project management requirements and quality. Specializing in the professional of the contraction design qualiaty control, to maximize the design effects. Emphasis on any design project requirements.