Tokyo Pachinko Hall (Gaming facility)

PrizeOfficial Selection in Decorate (interior)
CompanyNRC Architecture & Design Office
ArtistHajime Tsuruta

Pachinko halls (traditional Japanese gaming facilities) used to be a popular pastime in Japan. However, in the last few decades pachinko has fallen out of fashion, with declining revenues causing many gaming halls to shut down.We designed the pachinko machine wall combines Bonsai planters and benches to bring a touch of natural beauty to the indoor environment, allowing people to play pachinko in comfort. We hope that the combination of traditional Japanese arts with retro gaming will revitalize the pachinko hall's potential as a neighborhood hangout and community center.

Drawing ion the long history of the Japanese gaming industry, which developed after the Second World War, our firm has developed a unique focus on using architecture to reduce the negative social impacts of gaming—an innovative theme that has placed us at the forefront of commercial architectural design. At the same time, we also constantly tackle innovative renovations for all kinds of buildings, for which we have been praised by the Japanese government.