90° Greenland

PrizeOfficial Selection in Shoot (photo/video)
CompanyTime For Inspiration / a personal art project
ArtistStephan Fürnrohr
CreditStephan Fürnrohr
Video URLView

"90° Greenland" is a project photographed with professional drones between 2016 and 2020, entirely dedicated to the fascinating 90° perspective from the Zenith. Images taken from this unique perspective and at much lower elevation than normal aerial photographs, record fine details of the landscape, the icecap, icebergs and communities. The 90° perspective transforms the Earth‘s surface into a canvas on which the images emerge from the interplay of shapes, lines and colours. More Info: https://www.time-for-inspiration.de/90-degrees-greenland-the-collection

Artist's Statement: I love photography and I love digital imaging. But even more, I love authentic photography. Therefore, the images on this site are only slightly digitally adjusted (during the process of the RAW-conversion) to reflect my view of the scenery. My design elements are eye, light, time and perspective as well as the classical settings of the camera: focus, angle, shutter speed and aperture. I create my images at the shooting locations, not at the computer.