Changsha Subway Digital Art Space

PrizeOfficial Selection in Decorate (interior)
CompanyLi Shaobo Studio
ArtistShaobo Li, Yiling Fu
Design TeamDigital Media Designer: Wu Yan, Wang Xubiao, Chen Cheng, Li Man, Ye Jiangmin, Ma Linglin Brand Designer : Wu Xiaozhuo, Zhang Zhe, Hu Xinyue
ClientTianwen Metro Media
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The project is located in Yingwanzhen, Changsha, which is one of the city's largest subway stations. The project is built in a 2,000 square meter transfer hall space, using architectural art and digital media to create a creative art space for passengers. The main body of this art space is composed of 6 large steel structures with aluminum panels, combined with high-definition LED screens and dynamic images, turning the originally boring subway space into an art space full of technological sense.It has become a public art event in Changsha and a new attempt to the art design of subway space.