New Year Card 2022

PrizeOfficial Selection in Illustrate (graphic)
CompanydesigNV [design + envy]
ArtistNeeta Verma
Design TeamNeeta Verma
CreditNeeta Verma

Each year the design firm sends out cards that are created to intrigue, and delight our audience base. As in earlier years, once again this year we have used a typographic approach. For the year twenty-two, one of the two’s of the twenty-two has been reflected vertically to create a heart shape that also serves as an O in the words HOPE, JOY, and LOVE. The colors and the three hearts in the three words together express the joys of heralding a new year. Red has been used to denote both love and celebration and a deep orange has been used to capture the joyous mood of the season.

Neeta Verma is an Associate Professor and area head for Visual Communication Design at The University of Notre Dame. For over 25 years she has led a design firm, working exclusively for museums, cultural organizations, not-for-profits, and educational institutions. Working for national and international clients, like American Red Cross, The New York Botanical Garden, Whitney Museum of American Art, and The Wildlife Conservation Society. Her design practice spans branding and marketing, way-faring, and web development.