Ritzy Dwelling

PrizeOfficial Selection in Decorate (interior)
CompanyYi Ho Interior Design Co., Ltd
ArtistChia Sheng Li
CreditYi Ho Interior Design Co., Ltd

Take advantage of the raw texture of marble and wood veneer to harmonize the warm and fresh features of each area. Furthermore, finish with thin stone panels to make the original structure transformed into a reliable feature. Integrate the horizontal and vertical structural lines to raise the height of the vision, in the meantime, superbly present the compound style of grand, contemporary, and humanistic implication.

Over the past decade, YiHe Design humbly keeps pondering the possibilities of the relation between people and space. During the countless design phases, we have repeatedly reviewed the harmonious coexistence of color themes, home furnishings, lighting, and configuration; aim to bring out the exceptional charming features of commercial and residential spaces. Thereupon, successfully carry out the exclusive dreamy blueprint of mind, and fulfill all the wishes of the property owners.