HSR Residential Building

ArtistMoriyuki Ochiai
Design TeamMoriyuki Ochiai, Shinnihon Corporation(Mitsuo Imai,Hiroshi Nagao,Hidekazu Kondo,Tsuyoshi Tamaru,Design department)
ClientShinnihon Corporation
Credittakumi ota
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We set out to integrate into our design the structure of surrounding hilly landscape while echoing the natural power of its hills, strata, and rivers. The construction follows a U-shaped layout centered around a courtyard giving it dynamic appearance of its natural environment while the exterior of the building is mostly white with balconies decked by a colored glass panels symbolizing the sky and greenery surrounding the site. Illuminated recesses dot the entire ceiling of entrance hall revealing natural motifs, such as azure skies, sunlight filtering through green foliage and exposed strata.

www.moriyukiochiai.com, info@moriyukiochiai.com, Moriyuki Ochiai, born in Tokyo, Japan is an architect and designer. He established his own studio, Moriyuki Ochiai Architects that is active in architectural, interior, furniture,landscape and industrial design. Our designs have recieved numerous awards : iF Design Award Gold prize(Germany),red dot award(Germany),Architecture Master Prize (USA) ,German Design Award, INTERIOR DESIGN Best of Year Award (U.S.A), Archdaily Building of the Year (USA),Restaurant & Bar Design Awards (UK),SBID International Award(UK), A' Design Award (Italy)