The One Coffee

PrizeOfficial Selection in Illustrate (graphic)
CompanyTHAT'S RIGHT Planning Consulting Co., Ltd.
ArtistTsung-Han Yang
Design TeamTsung-Han Yang, Po-Yin Chen, Ya-Ting Cai
ClientLin Dessert Co., Ltd.

LIN COFFEE was firstly established in Tainan, starting off there, it has been extending its journey till Kaohsiung and Taichung. With the spirit of initial fascination for coffee, now it decides to share the best coffee with more people it encounters along the way. LIN COFFEE decides to focus on its business in Taichung. Taking “Royal Taste, Upgraded Quality” as the main concept, LIN COFFEE decided to bring out the new brand THE ONE. THE ONE symbolizes the European exquisite coffee culture, integrating with particular features of golf and high-end pet products.