Pilsener Redesign

PrizeOfficial Selection in Illustrate (graphic)
CompanyCRX Design
ArtistLuiz Sanches Junior
Design TeamDanilo Helvadjian, Ingrid Lafalce, Cristiano Vinciprova, Eduardo Belmiro, Juliana Takeuchi, Marcela Souza, Andressa Nogueira
ClientAB InBev

Visual identity & packaging redesign for Pilsener, one of El Salvador's most iconic and beloved beers. The logo and its upward movement gain greater appeal through new iconic diagonal stripes that structure the identity and extend across the entire portfolio, building an iconic visual system, now also translatable to other communication platforms beyond packaging. The dynamic movement of the stripes was reinforced by a new custom label shape created, whilst a flag with the beer's founding year was also created, reinforcing its long history and credentials in the national market.