Aqua Romance

CompanyPure Interior Design Limited Company
ArtistVivian Chiu
Design TeamKe-Ye Wu
CreditDirk Heindoerfer Photography

The design is based on the French classical style to interpret the tone of the space, through the gray scale color to harmonize the space to create a quiet and calm picture, combined with the hidden air conditioning equipment and a large number of beams and columns in white tone ceiling, in contrast to the gray and blue tone of the furniture, with the use of stone processing tile flooring, through the flow of texture to bring out the elegance of the space, to build both taste and texture of the timeless style.

We return the design to the purest level, based on humanism, and then feedback to the user's life, making the living space pure and intuitive through spatial design, allowing the space to preserve the quality of living while integrating the modern thinking, combining aesthetics to create a functional and beautiful space, providing the residence with a casual, convenient and stylish space.