Zhongliang Xining Liujin Yunxi Marketing Center

PrizeOfficial Selection in Decorate (interior)
ArtistLuo Wei

In Xining, where the terrain is extremely high and the river source is wide, the design context is developed in combination with the local humanities and landforms of Qinghai, and the design continues the architectural design language. The multi-layered space blurs the boundary between indoor and outdoor, and the sliced aluminum panels of the building skin extend from the outdoor to the indoor, complementing the continuous landscape, creating an experience of integrating inside and outside, walking among clouds and water.

Mr. Luo Wei’s design philosophy: humanistic design and exquisite explorer, good at thinking and practice, pay attention to the relationship between people and environment, balance between art and commerce, his works are natural, complex for simple, delicate and warm, full of emotion, domestic dynamic and persistent excellent interior designer.