Benriach - A World of Flavour

PrizeOfficial Selection in Shoot (photo/video)
ArtistJonathan Knowles
Design TeamCreative Director: Leo Lebkuchen
ClientBenriach Whisky, Brown Forman
CreditJonathan Knowles

In collaboration with creative agency Southpaw, we were asked to create a beautiful deconstruction of Benriach whisky tied together by the message: “A World of Flavour”. Using Benriach’s coloured casks and the flavour notes that emerge from them as a basis, we created a colourful, energetic and dynamic campaign that stays true to the Benriach Scotch whisky heritage. The casks are described as “rare and eclectic treasures” once filled with Spanish sherry, Jamaican rum, Italian marsala wine, and Kentucky bourbon.

Jonathan Knowles is one of the leading advertising photographers of his generation. Specialising in still life, Jonathan’s unique photographic style and lighting technique has earned him award-winning advertising commissions worldwide.