Beauty is in the details, but dangerous

PrizeOfficial Selection in Shoot (photo/video)
ArtistMasa Ohashi
CreditMasa Ohashi

Since the 20th century, science has made rapid progress in revealing the mysteries of the natural world. As a result, all phenomena in nature can now be expressed by a few laws and equations. Such laws and equations have a unique beauty to them. Its simplicity and simplicity make it easy to understand, and we are becoming overconfident that we can use its beauty to completely control nature. However, beautiful things always have their thorns. I tried to express this danger by using a macro lens to take a close-up look at the beauty that dwells in the details.

Born in Gifu pref in Japan in 1958. In 1986, I got a Ph.D(high energy physics) from Nagoya University and employed as an IT engineer. In 2018, after retiring, I started my second life as a photo artist.