Circular Safety Gate with Enhanced User Experience

PrizeOfficial Selection in Use (product)
CompanyBaby Dan
ArtistMarianne Jensen and Henrik Leth Pedersen
Design TeamMarianne Jensen, Anders Dreier Matthiesen, Henrik Leth Pedersen

Our vision has been to provide a versatile safety gate, designed for remanufacture and recyclability. We kept all the beloved unique features of the classic Flexi Fit: Angled mountable, Width-adjustable, Quick-Release without tools, 1-way-stop, while we made easy assembly, reduced the number of parts and designed for disassembly. We added a step-by-step installation video, adhesive template and an ergonomic hygienic handle. All parts made in recyclable healthy materials. Production i Denmark runs on electricity from windmills. Packaging is made of at least 50% recycled FSC certified cardboard.