PrizeOfficial Selection in Use (product)
CompanyDumara Design Studio
ArtistHamid Packseresht
Design TeamHamid Packseresht, Reza Salianeh, Mohammad Naser Karimian
CreditHamid Packseresht
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This 7m wide sofa has been designed for premium rooms and lobbies in luxurious hotels. The source of inspiration for this design has been the original Iranian musical instruments and so the dramatic story of the famous poetry which reads; It smells like the Mulian river It reminds me of the kindest lover And illustrates the return of a king to his homeland and his origin beautifully. Due to the vast climatic diversity and grand history of Iranians, we possess a rich background in these resources, one of which is the original Iranian instrument, such as Oud, Qishak, Tar, Tanbur, Tonbak, etc.

The CEO of Dumara Inc., Hamid Packseresht, is a dropout student of Coventry University in the United Kingdom. He completed his BA in Industrial Design in Tehran, at Azad University. In his life, he has been driven by a purpose of founding a personal design studio. Due to the fact that having related theoretical and practical backgrounds in both areas is a necessity to manage a company under that scale while receiving education in the field of Industrial Design throughout his undergraduate, he exerted himself to broaden his knowledge in the field of Graphics as well. In this regard, with this