Raviv: The Wonderful Wizard of Spices

CompanyMaya Hed Photography
ArtistMaya Hed
CreditMaya Hed
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Welcome to Raviv’s realm of the finest spices, oils, herbs and more. His customers range from amateurs to Michelin-star chefs. Entering Raviv’s store is a sensory experience - the scents of spices from all around the world, the warm red light, the music, all make you forget the outside world. This is exactly what he had in mind when he opened the store 17 years ago. Raviv is known as the sage of spices, an expert on every item in his kingdom. He is also proud of his heritage; Yemeni cookware adorns the shop, and he even drums traditional Yemenite tunes on a tin box.

Maya Hed was born and raised in Los Angeles and moved to Israel in the late 90s, where she studied at the Kiryat Ono College of Photography.Maya specializes in portraiture, especially series of photographs captured over time. She uses natural lighting to capture genuine, raw emotion, and tell the subject’s story through their portrait.Maya showcased three solo exhibitions at the Israeli Opera,Hava Rosenberg gallery & Scots Hotel. Her work has appeared in print in several magazines and books.Maya also has extensive experience with film, and works as a freelance documentarian based in Tel-Aviv.