MyWay Bench

CompanyQZ Urban Furniture
ArtistEnrique Minguez
Design TeamEnrique Mínguez Ros, Enrique Mínguez Martínez, Felix Reverte, Alejandro Monfardini y Mario Gonzalez
ClientQZ Urban Furniture
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Piece of street furniture inspired by Alejandro de la Sota's concept of "Simple Simplicity" and the Miesian design of the Barcelona pavilion.The simplicity of its orthogonal planes invites contemplation and serenity. An elegant, minimalist bench made up of three parts: - A horizontal platform (seat). - Two orthogonal vertical pieces (supports), one of which acts as a backrest or armrest. The compositional flexibility of the MYWAY Bench allows for the creation of multiple compositions depending on the materials used and the arrangement of its elements.