Chenbro Chia-Yi Factory

CompanyChenbro Micom.
ArtistAbel Chen
Design TeamBIGWAY. Architects & Partners
ClientChenbro Micom.
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Chenbro Chia-Yi Factory is a green marvel of functional stability, reflecting the corporate philosophy. Designed to meet the needs of local employees and the surrounding environment, this facility contributes to the local economy while becoming a responsible neighbor, a community park, and a workplace that promotes employee satisfaction. Incorporating the aesthetics of the server chassis appearance integrates nature with innovation; it combines the culture, art, and need for leisure space and blends multiple production lines for increased production efficiency.

Founded in 1983, Chenbro provides integrated solutions for rackmount, tower, storage, and PC server chassis. Chenbro provides one-stop solutions from formulating product specifications and independent research and development to professional manufacturing according to customer needs. Chenbro grows three service modes: OTS standard products, OEM Plus, and JDM/ODM, and continues to pay attention to industry trends and invest in new areas of product application such as 5G, AIoT, data centers, AI, IoT, and Edge computing.