Sant Cafe

ArtistKonstantin Ostroukhov
CreditPhoto by Viktoria Chistilina

The central concept behind Café Sant was to evoke the serene beauty of a sunrise over a summer wheat field. This idea manifested in the diverse breakfast menu and carefully selected art objects that harmoniously merged into a cohesive design narrative. The interior is adorned with an array of art installations, creating an immersive experience for visitors. A variety of glossy surface (mirrors, polished stainless steel) and complex floor plan solution add additional space and atmosphere.

Maket is an interior design studio practicing worldwide with headqaters in Barcelona. We have huge experience from the hospitality segment to retail and workplace design. In the interior, we put functional ergonomics and emotional ones on the same level. It is important not to only create a comfortable and functional place, but also a special atmosphere, the spirit of the space.