Hello Papaya

ArtistNikolay Yarin
Design TeamNikolay Yarin, Ilya Plotnikov
CreditPhoto by Inna Kablukova

In this project we reflect on the jungle in terms of industrial architecture, the reference being dictated by the premises themselves — voluminous supporting structures, high, six-meter ceilings and geometric shapes give room for interpretations of the industrial jungle metaphor. The grid sets the tone for the composition, while its constituent elements — bar and table, finished with square tiles, caged walls at the entrance and lattice metal structures — build up the volume. They serve the idea of strict functional forms, existing on the border between the real and yet-to-be-designed objects.

Maket is an interior design studio practicing worldwide with headqaters in Barcelona. We have huge experience from the hospitality segment to retail and workplace design. In the interior, we put functional ergonomics and emotional ones on the same level. It is important not to only create a comfortable and functional place, but also a special atmosphere, the spirit of the space.