Where is the Signal?

ArtistMasaaki Toyoyoshi
CreditMasaaki Toyoyoshi
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I I have invisible colors. My optic nerve is damaged due to progression of glaucoma. Due to damage to the optic nerve, it is difficult to discern colors. Colors with little contrast difference are often unrecognizable. Street scenes often appear in black and white. t's a little dark and I can't see the color. My vision is blurry as if I were wearing a monocle. Please,See Pursuit of Invisible Vision.

Born in 1975. I interested computer in my school days.After graduation,I found a job at Japan System Techniques Co.,Ltd.I worked as a programmeer/application developper.Due the glaucoma,I wanted a leading professional,but I feel I'm at the limit of my ability,retire from company.I recieved instruction by photographer Yukinori Tokoro from 2010.Ever since,I debelop a glaucoma.I had 4 surgeries from 2015, but I had hardly see my left eyes at the present time.Ever since,Started artworks series "MONOCLE VISION".I taked a still photograph of "7 fingered pianist" Gohei Nishikawa.