Patella Crescenda - grow fresh supergreens all year

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CompanyHouse of Thol
ArtistJana Flohr, Thomas Linssen
Design TeamJana Flohr, Thomas Linssen
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The Patella Crescenda is a natural sprouting set to effortlessly grow fresh organic microgreens at home all through the year. With its low-tech design and ancient water level control technique, it offers hassle-free cultivation without the need for electricity or complex setups. Made from terra-cotta, glass and stainless steel, all components are built to last and can be easily cleaned and replaced if needed. The Patella Crescenda reduces food waste, plastic packaging, and reliance on external sources, promoting self-sufficiency and contributing to a conscious and healthy lifestyle.

House of Thol creates eco-conscious,problem-solving products to make life greener and easier. Effortlessly create stylish arrangements while saving flowers with the Flower Constellations; Keep your plants happy with natural watering system Waterworks; Use growth disk Helios to grow cuttings and seeds into water-rooted plants; Grow fresh super greens all year with sprouting system Patella Crescenda; And keep your fruits and vegetables fresh for longer with the Poma/Olera series. We aim to make a difference with affordable, problem-solving products created for the everyday.