PrizeHonorable Mention in Fashion Design
University/Schoolarizona state university
ArtistKristin Michelle Brady
Design TeamKristin Michelle Brady, Willie James Morgan Jr.
CreditJoe Garcia
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Selene is based on the legend of the Moon Goddess from early Greek Mythology. I channeled the textures and ice pools of the earth moon. I chose a variety of silks and mesh. I cut abstract shapes using 16-gauge matte vinyl. All glass beads, crystals, and stones were applied by hand. The headpiece and gown were created from the ground up. I drew patterns for both and began with the head piece. I worked layer by layer, some details are hand sewn. The edges of the silk have a burned finish, hand-braided trim, no zippers or fasteners, and I installed LED's. The crescent moons were 3D printed.

Contemporary Designer