PrizeHonorable Mention in Architecture
University/SchoolLund University
ArtistMustakima Hussain
Design TeamAndreas Olsson, Pär Gustafsson
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Abstract: Policy on Planning for Children and Youth in urbanization environment. Enriching Urban Cityscape for Children and Youth through Scandinavian (Swedish and Danish) child methodology on the old European planning model. For the study Dhanmondi, the site planned during the British Empire was chosen within the capital city Dhaka, Bangladesh. In the report, the effect of car grid policy on children’s physiological and physical development and the results of a new proposed pattern of paths and its impact on the children and growing youth and adults are expressed.

I am a 33-year-old female from Bangladesh. I live in Lund, Sweden. I completed my master’s in architecture DEC 2017, and my major was Sustainable Urban Design from Lund University. I enjoy working with Architecture analytic expression, research on it and the evolving urban model with its methodology and planning environment and I am also interested in joining in the discussion on visionary planning within the cityscape. I also enjoy working with detail scale planning situation and later the expression on the outcome in the urbanized environment with a vision of a new landscape.