PrizeHonorable Mention in Fashion Design
University/SchoolThe American University in Cairo
ArtistMariam Ibrahim
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Hale is a series of garments designed to improve a patient’s sense of wellbeing during their hospital stay. Hospital garments need to be supremely functional, allowing easy handling by both the patient and doctor, while also adhering to strict sanitation requirements. The first is a disposable gown, for use before, during and immediately after surgery. The second is a launderable gown for stable patients, and the third is a sensor gown, which unobtrusively tracks the patient’s blood oxygen level, body temperature, position and pulse.

A context-based designer focused on creating smart, thought provoking, and conceptual solutions by aiming to make them simple and clever. Design is more than just application, rather a methodology, and at the center of that is where I strive to be.