La Isla Del Tesoro

PrizeShortlist in Illustration - Graphic Design, Honorable Mention in Illustration - Graphic Design
University/SchoolBrigham Young University
ArtistMaria Daniela Vicente
Credit"Los Papeles Del Capitán"

A series of illustrations portraying Jim Hawkins and his adventures to find Skeleton Island. The journey will push Jim to the limits, giving him a taste of the unknown and adulthood. These series follow the Spanish Conquistadores from the seventeen hundreds and was made to be in the Spanish version of Treasure Island, written by the famous Robert Louis Stevenson. Senior Capstone Project at Brigham Young University.

Daniela Vicente is an Illustrator and Designer, based in Provo, Utah — however, my heart belongs to her homeland, Peru. She left her country to pursue a career in Illustration. My work focuses on capturing a moment in time, whether it's portraiture, lifestyle imagery, or just the perfect lighting. I am always experimenting with new techniques, I'm equally comfortable with analog and digital technologies, and use both according to the needs of the project.