Child with hope

PrizeHonorable Mention in Painting
University/SchoolUniversity of The Arts London
ArtistYi-Chiao Chen
CreditChild with hope
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Child with hope 6 / 2019,Oil painting 162 X 112 CM With a blue colour around the child, the child is hope for the future. Wish in the future; the child can master the power to a better life. Every mother hope their child who can have happiness and a shining future . A New World, a child can find a great place for you to tell a new story and let world direct a new way for everyone.

In my artistic practice, my work focuses on the thinking behind the relationship between human and natural consciousness. I focus on energy because I think power is there, and everything is a cycle. Connecting my life and influencing my thoughts is a mysterious force.For me, as a mother, during the process of getting pregnant and raising two children, I felt the fragility and preciousness of human life.My work focuses on: the child is with the mother, the mother is for the child, the child is for the future, and the child's flesh and blood are connected.