Gold with child

PrizeHonorable Mention in Painting
University/SchoolUniversity of The Arts London
ArtistYi-Chiao Chen
CreditGold with child
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Gold with child 1 / 2019,Oil on canvas 170 X 112 CM This tree hides the power and energy that we can't see, the continuous circulation, the golden water, the native gold, the electricity through the wood, the constant flow, to reflect the five elements of energy interlocking. With a blue colour around the child, the child is hope for the future. Wish in the future, the child can master the power to a better life.

In my artistic practice, my work focuses on the thinking behind the relationship between human and natural consciousness. I focus on energy because I think power is there, and everything is a cycle. Connecting my life and influencing my thoughts is a mysterious force.For me, as a mother, during the process of getting pregnant and raising two children, I felt the fragility and preciousness of human life.My work focuses on: the child is with the mother, the mother is for the child, the child is for the future, and the child's flesh and blood are connected.