La Donna Grigia

PrizeHonorable Mention in Painting
University/SchoolNuova Academia Delle Belle Arti (NABA)
ArtistSimone Di Salvo
Design Teamsimone di salvo
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This is a painting done with acrylic, on wood 120 x 90 "the black background is not part of the painting." This painting symbolises how simple shapes and shades can create such a sensual and elegant feeling to the viewers eye. The sense of light and tones of color trigger imagery and texture to the painting. The focus that this painting gives towards a female body gives out how simply complex we are.

Born in Rome in 2001, lived abroad for ten years in Qatar, Spain, and England. Received the high school Diploma at the American Overseas School of Rome. Is Now following his studies at the university of arts NABA in Rome.