The Truths

PrizeHonorable Mention in Photography
University/SchoolSavannah College of Art and Design
ArtistZhou, Peng

How many times have I asked myself if what I see is the truth? The truth which is the illusion that exists in the mirror or is the physical visual in the real world. People receive many stories from daily hassles to the most important events. The answers to the stories hold diversified opinions, and there is much to be said on both sides. However, have we thought about whether these differing opinions can reflect upon universal truths? Who can offer us a firm answer? Eventually, I believe we must keep thinking about the pros and cons so that the walls will be dissolved.

Trained as a painter in his young age, then studied visual art of Chinese traditional theatre at Shanghai Theatre Academy and M.F.A Photography at Savannah College of Art and Design. The artist applies the findings grounded on ancient philosophies and cultural anthropology as the method of photographic creation to interpret the world around him, involving a series of complex concepts including Relativity, Contradiction, Changes and Harmony. His artworks are full of intensive personal aesthetics and create a unique abstraction style. He lives and works in Atlanta.