Damaged Goods— PTA Film Festival

PrizeHonorable Mention in Video & Film
University/Schoolacademy of art university
ArtistAlma Kamal
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A hypothetical film festival for the director Paul Thomas Anderson. The location is a warehouse where Punch-Drunk Love was shot because PTA insists on presenting a very raw version of Los Angeles. Unlike the commercial way in which it's been glamorized and romanticized, in PTA's movies we get to see the grunge and fall in love with LA's beauty nevertheless. The name of the festival was inspired by the recurring characters in the movies; they're always damaged and are constantly looking for a family/home to replace the one they were born in, but kicked out of for a different reason each time.

A graphic designer with a serious passion for print. I moved across the globe to learn more about design, myself and others, and I’m not afraid to push the boundaries to what I know and can do. During my studies I learned a very important lesson: design can be applied to literally everything, but it works best when it’s applied to spread knowledge, love and compassion.