30th Century Opera Wine

PrizeHonorable Mention in Advertising Creative
CompanyCreative Carbon Studio
ArtistRafael Maia
Design TeamAccount Manager: Aline Aleixo Quintão / Art Director: Paulo Fontenele / CGI Artist: Bruno Bruschi / Designer: Rafael Maia
Client30th Century Winery Co.

30th Century Opera wine reveals layers of flavors that evolve over the duration of the tasting experience. An outstanding cabernet sauvignon produced in Napa Valley, California. Created to be a product far beyond its time, the brand and package design takes us into the future were the operas transcend the imaginary limits, coming to places never visited. A truly amazing sensorial experience. The label was designed in Adobe Illustrator and the bottle was designed and rendered in 3D on Foundry MODO. The magazine advertising was designed in Adobe Photoshop.

Rafael Maia is a multidisciplinary designer actually based in Guimarães, Portugal. For the last 15 years, he has been specializing in brand identities, product & packaging design. Always evolving, the last upgrade was introducing CGI to his workflow, creating impacting 3D generated images for each project. Working mainly for startups and companies that are developing new products, his work is easily recognized by the extensive research and immersion in each project, resulting in dense and meticulously grounded concepts. Passionate for design and all its facets.