Festival Archip-elles 2019

PrizeHonorable Mention in Application Design
ArtistSophie Rubin, Cédric Rossel
Design TeamSophie Rubin, Cédric Rossel
ClientFestival Archipel
Video URLView

Archipel is the main Swiss contemporary music festival. The festival has been renamed Archip-elles for its 2019 edition because the programme was 100% feminine. The 2019 visual identity explores the imagery and codes of femininity. It deconstructs stereotypes through the creation of a visual language advocating an uninhibited affirmation of femininity referring to the consciously stylized and self-referential expressions of femininity. Borrowing from both the codes of feminism and femininity, the visual identity proposes an iconography that is sometimes humorous, cynical and irreverent.

WePlayDesign is a Swiss design studio run by Sophie Rubin and Cédric Rossel. Our range of work spans across a whole spectrum; visuals identity, webdesign, posters, fonts, signage, book covers, catalogues, objects and digital strategy. Our approach to design is playful since we believe it is a creative way to solve communication issues. This perspective allows us to create projects that are diverse and to offer novel graphics solutions. The play theme enables us to keep an experimental edge as well as an open mind to creative work.