Macy's App - Redesign, AR, Style Quiz & Inspo

PrizeHonorable Mention in Application Design
ArtistWilly Lai, Dave Torres, T. Garcia-Shelton, P. Liu
Design TeamOlchi Skant, Lucy Wilson, Agata Krol, Amanda Richardson, Derek Edwards, Jazz Ng-Quan, Jeff Byrd, Bahador Shojapour
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Macy's mobile app is a service that allows customers to shop Macy's offerings online. It includes a host of shopping and style-oriented features, as well as augmented reality features from beauty to home furnishings which allow customers to preview products virtually through their mobile device. In 2019, the Macy's mobile app was redesigned with a clean, simple, and fashion-inspired design. As a result, user engagement increased dramatically following the launch of the new design.