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PrizeHonorable Mention in Architecture, Honorable Mention in Architecture
CompanyInspire Design & Consulting Limited
ArtistWinnie Cheung

This is high headroom and open space with great daylight and tall windows wall. Designer creates space letting people enjoy the moment in Milan art gallery. People feel comfort and relax to pick their art piece back home. Designer uses colour contrast by using light and materials to distinguish display areas. In addition to the use of colour contrast, materials using in different areas are crucial to match colours, classic mouldings, spruce wood grain finished and natural grain marble applied.

Inspire Design & Consulting Limited is an internationally award-winning multidisciplinary Hong Kong based design firm, led by Winnie Cheung of multi-national first-tier design project experience. Inspire Design was proudly presented bringing interior design to a new level of experience-based innovative solutions. Inspire Design designs a variety of projects, including residential, offices, retails stores, and hospitality, we also work on branding and furniture design. In past years, Inspire Design has been awarded numerous international interior design awards from UK, Germany, US and Italy.