Blue-and-white Porcelain

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architecture
CompanyBai Yue Interior Design
ArtistTong-Yi Hu
ClientMiss WU
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As one views the residence, a certain sentiment is invoked, and the scenery of blue and white porcelain combines the visual impact of artistic charm from the East with traditions from the West, with the breath of nature seeming to be infinitely unfolded in this home. The pleasant porcelain blue, spiritual Gainsborough grey, and the gentle and restrained sense of space altogether blend to portray the occupants’ personal style to create a magnificent and elegant home atmosphere. The result is a comfortable residence.

“Humanity, Art, Ergonomic and Technology” are four core concepts of Bai Yue Interior Design. The practice of our design comes from the synergy of aesthetics, ergonomic and quality and we can realize your desire of “home”. Build a comfortable humanity space, combine materials such as stone, wood, titanium and original design, very demanding with the precision of the project to find the best deployment of the space. No matter residential design or business creative, we combine harmonious color combination and software to conduct the best space deployment completes your exclusive memories.