Mill Valley Residence

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architecture
ArtistElaheh Demirchelie
CreditDemirchelie LLC, Elaheh Demirchelie

Modest in scale and small in footprint, the 800 square-foot single-family residence located in Mill Valley, California, explores sustainability, materiality, and compact spatial planning, characterized by a minimal hyperrectangular form which informs the interior. Elements of volume, light, proportion, and materiality are orchestrated to respond to the project’s unique compact spatial challenges, echoing the juxtaposition of intimacy and openness.

DEMIRCHELIE is a design agency based in San Francisco founded by Elaheh Demirchelie, spanning multiple contexts to include creative direction, architecture, and product design with a focus on projects that serve as a reflection of our time, current technology and culture. The practice places experience at the core of the design process in generating designs that captivate the senses and cultivate social inclusion and interaction.