Wild sugar

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architecture
CompanyG. A. O.(Glocal Architecture Office)
ArtistTsungHsien Wu
Design TeamG. A. O.?Glocal Architecture Office?/Chien Yu G. A. O.?Glocal Architecture Office?/Wark Huang G. A. O.?Glocal Architecture Office?/Chen Ku

The site is in the historical area of Taiwan, Sanxia.It is a 40 years old building, and the occupation of the owner is a dessert chef. The three-storey facades Covered by painting and facade reconstruction. The reconstruction facade as renovation of the old house façade, Yanglou. Elegance vs freestyle, two facades in a old building. We expect it to become a punching spot. Designer and artist completed a perfect Crossover