Proto - headquarter

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architecture
CompanyHSUANYU Interior Design
ArtistWen Hsuan Tai
Design TeamProto - headquarter
ClientHSUANYU Interior Design
CreditHSUANYU Interior Design
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Walking along the bystreet into an aged building. The old house of 66 square meters transformed into as well as a rustic and sedate office. Take the advantage of the original structure, natural wood and bright hue to re-establish the solidity yet geniality space. Following the natural precedent of "functional configuration", preserve the original building mass and texture to present vivid patterns merely through the twist and turn of the main axis. With deep and shallow tinge contrasting materials, bring about innovative ambience and a distinct layered configuration of the space.

HSUANYU Interior Design is professional to draw up well communication with space via unimpeded flow and illumination layout. Director Dai wen xian takes a firm stand on the utilization and quality of the materials that reveals his definition of "home". He is good at listening to the needs of the clients, try his best to avoid traditional thinking and dedicate to find the initial dream of the relationship between life and space for the customers.