A courtyard with a house

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architecture
CompanyCarles Marcos, Architect
ArtistCarles Marcos Padrós
Design TeamLaura Gómez Ríos
CreditJosé Hevia
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The courtyard is the soul of this house. It is a room. It is the space that defines all the pieces of the house. The presence of the courtyard increases the perimeter of the facades, improving interior warming in winter and ventilation in summer. The courtyard is a garden. But it becomes the extension of the garage or the living room, an outdoor dining room or kitchen, even a bedroom, the hottest nights. It is a place for privacy. A reserved, discreet and quiet space. It is a room to enjoy the slowness in front of the immediacy of the city. It is a void that brings us to the essence of home.