Zaferanieh Residential Complex

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architecture
CompanyZomorrodi and Associates
ArtistShahrooz Zomorrodi
Design TeamShahrooz zomorrodi ,Ali moravej ,Ana akhlaghi,Payam alrahman ,Shirin bagheri
CreditZaferanieh Residential complex
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In process of design our main goal was to create an atmosphere in which the view is accentuated through a breathe of fresh air and use of light. Thus, by making the main void and two clefts and also changing the angle of the project in accordance to the prevailing wind, fresh air has been transferred to all the main spaces. by editing the mentioned void according to the sun path diagram, all the spaces can benefit from the sunlight. we got help from the curve lines on facade to get minimal sound and shadows. the surrounding trees in the environment provide us with a fresh and natural aura.