Natural Beauty

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architecture
CompanyJoseph Sy & Associates
ArtistLi Kai chun
Design TeamLi Kai chun
CreditFront View ( Waterfall )

The design out door full high glass wall is blue light and the sheer curtain feel to ( waterfall ) concept in the stream effect. The interior design is made from brown wood, plain wall color and outdoor Interior design some wood strip pattern in reception, corridor and all room. reception counter design the warm color metal match the wood color. interior ceiling light i design the light trough to high line all ceiling It's like a Neatly arranged stone house. In all room i put in some modern style with the people feeling inside nature style have some modern. Some of the concepts adheres to can

Eric Li was born in Hong Kong. I am HKIDA Full member. My work to Joseph Sy & Associates in 2008. My company design concept is Multifunction spaces and Lighting that blend Urban Modern, chic and Warmth. My work of how to craft a cohesive point of view through colour, shape, pattern and lighting. He want to combine multifunction space and lighting. I goal for each of his clients is to create a highly personalized space in which they feel elevated, inspired, and right at home. According to different business nature, market strategy and positioning, i gives a series of visual integration and par