PrizeHonorable Mention in Fashion Design
CompanyMO - Handmade Clothes
ArtistFrancesca Colavolpe
Design TeamFrancesca Colavolpe, Giulia Valerio, Cecilia Caballero
ClientW.A.S.T.E. What a Serious Trouble for Earth
CreditPHOTO| Ilaria Tortoriello - GRAPHIC| Francesca Colavolpe - MUA| Marta Marciano

"Embrasure" is a gender fluid project made from textile waste. It has a poetic vision about what is usually considered trash, transforming it into a precious and urban item: a bomber jacket. The oversize fit gives space to the conceptual and modular patchwork that becomes the protagonist of the garment. The idea about the patch, made of jeans and velvet scraps, is to recreate an abstract landscape, a loophole to observe the precious inner view: urban shades of blue and gray mixed with gold, placed on a cold grey background.

I'm a graphic designer with a passion for fashion. I believe into a continuous harmony and beauty search. I worked - alone and in team - in graphics, design and fashion design. My scientific studies came before universities and design specialists in Rome. All the work carried out are projects in which I believed and that made me grow professionally.