PrizeHonorable Mention in Fashion Design
ArtistAdina Banea

Strong word that people use easily,without giving its powerful sense.Happiness is what we all want and desire above all,and one true purpose of our lives is to find it and own it.Nowadays people seem very lost,living their lives as if being happy is just about having fan to a party.These are all nice happenings,but that is all the thrill and the excitement of a new experience giving us pleasure,one thing our brain loves to turn into routine.But chasing pleasure is the same with the happiness? This is the real question.

The Sangvinic dresses me in superficial selfies, the Choleric reproves my hidden ambition for a while around the corner, the Melancholic thinks and protects me by imposing rules of society that I love to violate, but in particular. The Phlegmatic part of myself helps me to gather beautiful people around. I live loving. Unloving, I would breathe through life. I love to love, and I love to sit in verse with happy rhyme. If I didn't dance my happiness loving, I'd go hunched wandering for wasted time. I can't spend my time, and I don't want to sell it to a few happy moments.