Tango Small Shoulderbag Ray Panna Cotta Silver

PrizeHonorable Mention in Fashion Design
CompanyMiana Gmbh & Co. KG
ArtistAnne-Christin Schmitt
CreditTango Small Shoulderbag Ray Panna Cotta Silver

The design of the Tango Small Shoulderbag Ray evolves around 2 key aspects: 1. Multiple wearing options The slender leather strap securely closes the bag and can be worn in 6 ways: - single strap/ long: sideways & cross-body - doubled strap/ short: sideways & as backpack - doubled strap & hidden knot: short-handled across lower arm & hand-held 2. The leather is hero Parallel cuts in the soft Italian calf leather are turned over to show the metallic finish on the backside, creating a 3-dimensionality which plays with the light and creates a vividly eye-catching effect.