AP24 Opal Pouch - Piano Black Blue

PrizeHonorable Mention in Fashion Design
CompanyMiana Gmbh & Co. KG
ArtistAnne-Christin Schmitt
CreditGretchen Opal Pouch Pianao Black Blue

Gretchens’ Opal Pouch is an evening bag crafted from soft Italian double-face calfskin. It can be worn as a wrist bag (pouch) for a care-free night out, and as shoulder bag with its detachable chain. The design-highlight is the changeable styling of the design-cuts along the front and back: "fold apart" the overlapping leather pleats to show the metallized inside of the leather, or leave the cuts "closed" in subtle elegance, with only a hint of metallic showing along the cut edge. The playful character and versatile wearing options make this handbag truly unique.